Welcome to Damn Gravity

Damn Gravity is a mantra. A promise to keep going even when things get hard.

It’s a reminder that when you try to do something new and different, the entire universe will work against you. The status quo has a pull as strong as gravity.

What’s our response? Gravity be damned.

Damn Gravity is a place for conversations from the trenches. We discuss building businesses, doing hard things, and striving to be better every day.

It’s written be me, Ben Putano. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Damn Gravity Media — a book publishing service for entrepreneurs and creators.

Together we’ll explore the biggest ideas in business and beyond. We’ll try to make sense of the world and what’s to come. We’ll help each other fight the odds, build amazing things, and maybe — just maybe — defy gravity.

I hope you join me.