Nov 11, 2021 • 2M

Introducing The Damn Gravity Newsletter

Great Founders Write is now The Damn Gravity newsletter

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This is Ben Putano, founder of Damn Gravity: The book publisher for entrepreneurs.

It’s been a couple of months. How are you?

Since my wedding and honeymoon this summer, business has picked up.

  • We published our first book: Stop Asking Questions by Andrew Warner (grab a copy!)

  • We’re working on our next book (author will be announced later this year)

  • My book, Great Founders Write, is undergoing a rewrite. New plan is to publish Feb. 2022.

Amidst all of this, I decided to change the name of this newsletter and rethink it.


The Damn Gravity Newsletter

Damn Gravity is a mantra. A promise to keep going even when things get hard.

It’s a reminder that when you try to do something new and different, the entire universe will work against you. The status quo has a pull as strong as gravity.

What’s our response? Gravity be damned.

The Damn Gravity Newsletter is a place for big ideas that challenge the status quo in work and life. We discuss building businesses, doing hard things, and striving to be better every day.

This isn’t a place for theory. All of our conversations will stem from time in the trenches and doing the work.

Moving forward, expect a weekly newsletter covering startups, writing, leadership, and more.

To celebrate, I’m giving away one of these sweet Damn Gravity sweatshirts. Drop a comment and I’ll pick a winner later this week.

I hope you’ll join me as we explore bigger ideas in business and becoming our best selves. See you next week!