Welcome to Damn Gravity

Damn Gravity connects the dots between art, work, nature, urbanism, personal growth, and the universe at large to find inspiration in the most unlikely places.

My goal is to make you think differently about entrepreneurship and creative work, and in the process, become a better version of yourself.

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What does Damn Gravity mean?

Damn Gravity is a call to action for everyone who craves a creative, entrepreneurial life.

Forging your own path is hard. It feels like leaving Earth’s orbit. There are massive pressures trying to hold you back—to keep you “grounded.”

As they say, the status quo has a pull as strong as gravity. How do we respond?

“Gravity be damned.

Damn Gravity is a place for conversations from the trenches. We discuss building businesses, doing creative work, and striving to be better every day.

It’s written be me, Ben Putano. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Damn Gravity Media.

Together we’ll become GREAT, but not in the conventional sense. We’ll be great by our own standards, building a life and career that makes us happy and fulfilled.

We’ll help each other fight the odds, build amazing things, and maybe — just maybe — defy gravity.

I hope you join me.


Ben Putano
Writing to help you (and me) build a creative, entrepreneurial life. Author of 'Great Founders Write.' Book publisher for entrepreneurs: http://damngrav.com